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How do I make more money? and other ponderings.

January 21st, 2015 at 09:55 am

Ah yes, that question that many of us have..."How do I make more money?" I'm actually in the process of trying to figure this out as I look at my expenses and realize that things are getting more expensive as my children get older. I totally forgot to add summer camp to my list. Usually what happens is that every summer I do the "Oh no, I forgot about summer camp and don't have the $200 per week/per kid," and then well, get driven nuts for the majority of summer having to spend every waking minute with the kids (of course I love them, but seriously, summers can be tough sometimes). They usually do not do summer camp and I understand that many families don't do this. However, this year the kids want to do lego and robotics camp. So, how do I make more money aside from cutting overhead expenses etc? At one point I typed office documents, but relying on a husband to get home on time so I can go to work is stressful so that's out of the picture. I also realize that most don't want to hire a prego person, understandable. I did try and run a business at one point, but the overhead with insurance, customers, etc can also be super involved and expensive. Avon and Mary Kay aren't really my thing as I don't have network of people that would be interested in it to sell to. In the past I've sold many things, especially when we moved, so there really isn't much to get rid of since our goal at the time was only to keep what we wanted. Perhaps I'll try the real estate license since the course is already paid for (my mother n'law wouldn't leave me alone about it a few months ago so I caved and got the course, it might be a good start?). I'm also trying to think ahead about HOME SCHOOLING for next year? I put it in caps because this has really been on my mind. I've been really disappointed by public schools, the new way of assessing children's intelligence and progress (kindergarteners now have to take a 100 question test on a computer...the kids are 5! It's ridiculous!) and the private schools, many are amazing, but WOW, the tuition! I'm not sure if I can handle a new baby and 2 kids to homeschool? It would be different if I worked full time...should I try and go for this instead and plan after 3 months of the new baby to go to childcare while the other kids are in public school so I can make money? Everything seems to have a trade off and cost! Has anyone tried this or the homeschool route and how did you make money or passive income? Anyway, on a plus side, I found a get $150 with chase bank when opening a checking account. I think we will do this. At this point, we have only one credit card with a limit of $300 for the "just in case" times, but we are thinking about applying for capital one since there is no APR for a year and perhaps we'd get a higher line for that just in case. Anyway, I'll post my revised budget list soon as it keeps changing (new things arise like potential robotics camp now that I'm more aware of it).

2 Responses to “How do I make more money? and other ponderings. ”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I've homeschooled for several years off and on, and if you can't handle your kids being underfoot all summer without sending them to camp, it is doubtful you will be able to handle them homeschooling with a baby on top of it. It takes a lot of time, focus, concentration, and energy to homeschool and especially in the beginning, there can be a lot of exhaustion. I'm not saying don't do it. I'm just saying you have to be prepared for your life to revolve around it and you have to be extraordinarily organized. It is a full-time job on top of the full-time job of running a household. Don't expect to have any time left over to try to generate an income.

    When I sent my kids to camp we always sent them to Campfire camp. It is an overnight camp, and it was still cheaper than day camps. I don't know how old your kids are, so I don't know if overnight camp is an option or not.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Could you offer weekend or overnight babysitting? Dog walking, pet sitting, cleaning houses, paper route, virtual assistant?

    Of course things like the checking bonuses, Swagbucks (link on my sidebar above Ebates (doesn't always show up), Bing,MyPoints, free survey sites all bring in a little income. It might be enough to get your kids to camp if you work hard.

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